Hello loves, so today I want to share with you a non sponsored blogpost about SHEIN. The few times I purchased from their website, I got few questions about my honest input on the store. First, I want to say that everything I write are always my honest picks and opnions. Based on the price range of the store, I think it is totally worth it to give them a try. Few times shipping were slow, and out of all my purchases I was 70-80% satisfied with quality according to its pricetag. So, because I’ve recently made few purchases there (which will be sharing soon), I’ve decided to share my favorites from their fall and winter collection.

Drop Shoulder Balloon Sleeve Jumper

1.Yellow/Mustard Pullover $22

SHEIN Open Front Dolman Cardigan

2. Oversized U Shape Cardigan Blush $16

Zip Solid Jacket

SHEIN Pink Collarless Longline Duster Coat

3. White Zip Solid Jacket (teddy bear style)$31 4. Longline Duster Pink $11

Waterfall Vest Coat

5. Waterfall Vest Coat $14

SHEIN Colorblock Double Breasted Coat

6. Colorblock Double Breasted Coat $46

Pearl Beading Balloon Sleeve Cardigan

7. I own this cardigan, and honestly you can’t beat the price! I always get great compliments on this piece. $19

Leopard Pattern Drop Shoulder Mohair Jumper

8. Leopard Pattern Drop Sholder Pullover $24

SHEIN Drop Shoulder Color Block Jumper

9. Drop Shoulder Color Pullover $16-$20

Pockets Chunky Knit Coat

10. Pockets Chunky Knit Coat $21

So this is it beautiful, they have tons of items on their website, these list are my current favorites for the fall season.

Hope you all have an AMAZING week loves!



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