If there’s one place where I shop the most, Amazon is definitely the one. If you are a prime member, you will get spoiled by the 2 day shipping! I am! Here are my current finds.

Aromatherapy Book

Finished this book in few hours. Great content especially if you are a mommy that wants to add essential oils into your daily basis but don’t know how to start. Also, great information on how to use them from newborn to older kids as well. (here)

oils onepure


I wanted to start using essential oils, but didnt want to commit to the higher priced brands right now, so I’ve decided to do my research on what to look for in essential oils, and read tons of reviews and I decided to try OnePure essential oils. So far, I’ve used 3 different ones, and although they don’t have a super strong smell as the higher priced brands reviews claims they have, I am glad I purchased it. Loved the package too, comes 6 for currently $12.99 (here)


InnoGear Diffuser.jpg

My first diffuser! Love the look of it, but what caught my attention is the over 13 thousand reviews on Amazon! I like the options it has, and how quiet it is. Currently $20.99 (here)

I’ve been using for couple of weeks now, didn’t notice any miracles but it is definetly helping with the dark circles situation. Current price $28.49 (here)Loreal

A must have make up tool for the desired perfect wings. It’s tip is very precise and I was pretty surprised with the darkness of it. Currently $6.87 (here)



So this were my July Amazon finds. Comment below if you have any questions!

Have a wonderful WEEKEND!



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