As we are getting a taste of summer here in New England , I’ve put together the cutest swimwear for under $100!

This green one piece swimsuit is so beautiful and sexy and it’s under $50! (Here). It has a wavy texture and It’s a high leg cut swimsuit style. I definitely recommend to order a size up.Aerie has the cutest one pieces swimwear. I love how this one piece is high waist and it has a knot right in the middle and yet still show a little bit of skin. And to be honest here, this was my first one piece ever! I never thought I would like one piece so much like this one. (Similar here)

I am currently obsessed with this strapless one piece swimsuit. It’s not full coverage in the bottom but also not high leg cut style, it’s almost in between. (Similar here)

If you are looking for a little bit more coverage in the bottom. This one piece is for you. It has a adjustable strap and tie knot. (Similar style here)

Last but not least, my favorite of all. Although a little bit over $100, this swimwear looks so beautiful that it has to be here. It has a texture and it’s open in the back. It has support on top and it’s not too much of high leg cut. (Here)

As always, feel free to comment below!

Have an awesome WEEKEND!!!



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