If I had to pick my absolute favorite thing to do when it comes to beauty, trying out new masks is definitely the one.

Masks are super beneficial for every skin type. Many of you may think that masks “dry your skin out” but it’s really quite the opposite. In addition to the skin benefits, you are also giving yourself 10 mins that is totally dedicated for yourself, so put that mask on, sit back and relax for few mins (if you ask me that sounds like a mini vaca for busy momma here!) #treatyoself

There are quite few different types of face masks in the market today; magnetic masks, oil masks, sheet masks(obssed with this too), glitter masks, mud masks, peel off masks, self heating masks ( tried this one and lovedddd it) brightening mask, whitening mask, bubble mask and the list goes on and on. You can also DYI a mask that is super easy make and works great as well.

Currently I am obsessed with this mask. Although a balm cleanser but you can also leave on your face for 10 mins as a mask, remove aftweards with a very warm wet hand towel and while at it take a few seconds to breath in the aroma (with the towel on your face) and there you have a quick home spa day, you will thank me later! The fragrance in this balm is somewhat strong but absolutely amazing. My skin is always very soft and super clean afterwards.

I normally tend to have a “once a week mask day”, but if my skin is feeling little bit dehydrated then I use an extra day. I like to do mask at the very end of the day right after I have showered, and then I just sit back and check my emails, read a verse or two of the bible while the mask is doing its wonderful magic. Multitasking at its finest!

Masks are great for your skin, super fun and it is a great way to have a little me time . Trust me, your skin will always thank you afterwards.

Comment below if there is any other products you want to learn more about.

Have an awesome weekend!!!



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